Expert Services

Expert Services enable parties and tribunals to draw from AIMA's ever growing database of independent experts in various specialist fields such as construction, engineering, finance and information technology. At the request of parties or the tribunal, AIMA can propose, appoint and administrate independent experts to provide technical assistance to parties and tribunals on specific issues during the ADR process.
Justice Dingake is a citizen of Botswana, currently serving as a Judge of the Supreme and National courts of Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the South Pacific.
Moses Chinhengo is a founder member and Director of AIMA. He has conducted several arbitrations as a panel member of the Harare Commercial Arbitration Centre.
Daniel Tivadar is a Barrister-at-Law qualifed in England and Wales and an Advocate qualifed in Zimbabwe.
Nicholas Ndou sits as an ad-hoc Judge of the High Court of Namibia.
Professor Geoff Feltoe is a Professor of Law at the University of Zimbabwe since 1975
Eric Matinenga is a former Judge of the Administrative Court of Zimbabwe.
James Devittie was a Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe from 1996 to 2001
Justice Simbi Mubako is a former Minister of Justice in Zimbabwe, a former judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe and was Zimbabwe's Ambassador to the United States of America.
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