ABOUT Justice Dingake


Justice Dingake is a citizen of Botswana, currently serving as a Judge of the Supreme and National courts of Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the South Pacific.

He is also a Justice of the Court of Appeal of Seychelles.

He is the first African to be appointed justice of the Supreme and National Courts of PNG. He is also a judge of the Residual Special Courts of Sierra Leone (RSCSL) appointed by the Secretary General of the United Nations in 2013.

Judge Dingake is a former Judge of the High Court and Industrial Court in Botswana. He also taught law at the University of Botswana.

In January 2019, he became the first African to become a William L Beatty Jurist in Residence at the Southern Illinois University (USA).

Judge Dingake had a PhD in Law from the University of Cape Town; an LLM from the University of London and an LLB from the University of Botswana. He has a number of post-graduate certificates in international development studies and the political economy of development from the University of Oslo and London School of Economics.

Judge Dingake had been recognised as an exceptional and distinguished scholar by a number of Universities around the globe, including the University of Pretoria.

Judge Dingake is the author of several books, including: “Judges”, “Lawyers” and “In Pursuit of Justice”- all available on Amazon.

He is currently the president of the African Judges Forum on HIV/TB, Human Rights and the Law and Co-Chairman of the African Think Tank on HIV, Health and Social Justice. Judge Dingake has authored more than seven (7) legal books.